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Curriculum vitae * Tours and travels in the Far East of Asia - information and professional consultation (on payment) * Research and publications on Tibetan culture (Tibet, Himalayan region, Central Asia), the Silk Road, Korea, China * on southern Germany *

Humour: cartoons of Bernd Pfarr (The Yeti ) and Hans Traxler

... together with monks of northeast Tibet's Laka Gompa

Curriculum vitae
Some life data ...
Born in 1960, Andreas Gruschke lives and works in the southwest German city of Freiburg. 1982 to 1990 studies in geography, ethnology (cultural anthropology) and sinology at universities in Aachen, Freiburg and Beijing (1984/85). Work as a lecturer at Shanxi Agricultural University in Taigu, Shanxi, PRC (in 1985/86), and at Kangweon National University in Chuncheon, South Korea (1992/93). Beginning in 1987 repeatedly guiding study tours through Eastern and Central Asia, with the emphasis put on Tibet and the Silk Road. During numerous private stays the author continued research on Tibetan culture, with a particular view to the ethnic development and the relationship between the different peoples in contact. Altogether, he has been more than 30 times to the various parts of the Tibetan realm, thus having travelled some 80,000 km all over the highland, from Ladakh and Western Tibet, several Tibetan areas in the Himalayas, southern and central Tibet, the vast steppes of the Changthang in the plateau's heart up to almost every area in Amdo and Kham in the East. His publications therefore mostly deal with Tibetan culture, including picture albums on Tibet, books on the oral tradition of the Tibetans and articles on ethnography, history and society.

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Tours and travels in the Far East of Asia - information and professional consultation (on payment) 

Scientific studies of culturally related topics - sinology, cultural anthropology and geography -, more than 50 private and business tours to the varied regions of Asia and three years of study and working in the Far East (China, Korea) are the best preliminaries for a detailed knowledge and intimate understanding of the countries related as well as for the necessary acquaintance with the problems and advantages of local organizations and systems and a sympathetic relationship with both locals and tourists of  foreign countries. 

Detailed work-out of extraordinary trips

Acquaintance with locals and a deep understanding of the countries of East Asia, a love for details and a feeling for what travellers may like and be interested in when touring the Far East and Central Asia have led to a close cooperation of Andreas Gruschke and Indoculture Tours in Zürich (Switzerland), Weinbergstr.102. 
The actual special tours to Central and East Asia are sketched (in German language) on the special page of Far East travels
We are specialists for the following regions: 
  • - Tibet (the entire highland including Xizang (Tibet Autonomous Region) with the traditional cultural provinces of Ü, Tsang, Lhoka, Himalayan realm, Changthang, Ngari/ West Tibet and Kailash; also Amdo, Kham and Gyarong), 
  • - Himalaya (Bhutan, Nepal, India: Arunachal Pradesh with Tawang, Sikkim, Spiti, Ladakh, Zanskar; Pakistan with Baltistan, Gilgit Agency, Tibetan Himalayas), 
  • - China (all areas Gebiete including Beijing, South China, Silk Road, Manchuria and Inner Mongolia), 
  • - Korea (South and North Korea, Korean regions in China's Manchuria), 
  • - Mongolia (the independent Republic of Mongolia as well as Inner Mongolia and Mongolian influences regions in neighbouring areas of the PR of China including the Tibetan Highland, the Gansu corridor and Xinjiang, Russia with Buryatia) 
  • - Southeast Asia (Myanmar/ Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam) 
We also have contacts to reliable Tibetan, Chinese, Indian and Nepalese travel agents whose tours we can warmly recommend. See for instance:

The Yeti (cartoon of Bernd Pfarr)

Ever since the Yeti had read that in the Himalayas there is something like an abominable Snowman, he only reluctantly left his habitation.
  © Hans Traxler (Germany)

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Research and
Publications on Tibetan culture
Tibet and Himalayan regions

 à  publications on Central and East Asia (Silk Road, China, Korea)

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Books * Picture Albums *  Reports and articles * Newspaper articles * Scientific papers *
Books in preparation * Special editions * Book reviews *

Until now the author's books were mostly published in German language, with a few books translated into English or other languages (Italian, Dutch). The following titles are published in English:

- Reports and articles:
- Books:

The Cultural Monuments of 
Tibet's Outer Provinces - AMDO
Volume 1. The Qinghai Part of Amdo
Volume 2. The Gansu and Sichuan Parts of Amdo
in Europe each volume 55,- Euro (net)
to read and get more information on the contents of these books 
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- Books in preparation:

1. on Kham

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Bild - und Textbände * Mitarbeit am Bildband  *  Reportagen und Aufsätze * Zeitungsartikel * Wissenschaftliche Beiträge * Bücher in Vorbereitung * Sonderausgaben * Rezensionen *

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Publications on other regions and topics

publications on other topics

(German version only)
The following links to my publications are all written in German: 
Books & Picture Albums on Asia, China, Korea, the Silk Road, the regions of Hegau and upper Rhine valley in southern Germany and northern Switzerland   *  Reports and articles on a variety of tourist regions in Asia and Africa * Scientific papers * Books in preparation * Book reviews *
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Traxler cartoon

"Say, Eberhard! Was there anything in our smoke or is it already that we get hallucinations through high altitude sickness?"
  © Hans Traxler (Germany)

publications on Tibet (German text only)
published in English are....
publications on other topics (German text only)
Travel in the Far East (German text only)
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